Advizex Oracle Database Services:

Data is Everything

Your Business Runs on Data.

From consulting to selling, from installing to managing, Advizex helps ensure your data is optimized, safe, and secure. We’re experts in Oracle Database. We’re right at home in the Oracle environment.

Advizex Oracle Delivers Measured Results.

Strategic Services:

  • Audit & analyze
  • Architecture & roadmap

Project-Based Services:

  • Upgrade
  • Performance tuning

Skilled Senior DBAs:

  • Testing and rollout
  • Staff augmentation

Our Solutions Work in All Infrastructure Environments.

Advizex Oracle Database Health Check

We understand that maximizing business value begins with the ability to integrate viewpoints, issues, and ideas from users throughout your organization. Our Database Health Check uses our proprietary, proven methodology to give you solutions to any current issues.
Specifically, it looks to:
  • Reduce hardware costs through increased capacity.
  • Reduce software licensing costs by allowing licenses to be redeployed.
  • Improve end-user productivity through increased performance.
  • Reduce performance-related calls to the help desk.
  • Improve return on investment though better performance.
  • Develop a clear understanding of existing bottlenecks.
  • Define areas where additional performance can be achieved.

If you’re running Oracle DB Version 12.2 or lower and/or Oracle EBS Version 12.1, you’ll need to upgrade.

Advizex can help.

Get your no-obligation assessment and ensure your upgrade is smooth and efficient.