Advizex Oracle Infrastructure Services:

A Solid Foundation

Your Infrastructure is the Foundation of Your Business.

Our goal is to give you solution longevity, ease of management, reduced infrastructure costs, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is on a solid foundation. Whether you have out-of-date hardware, disaster recovery needs, or storage cost problems, we’ll help you identify potential problems so you can determine and reach your infrastructure goals.




Advizex Oracle Infrastructure Services

Our services cover these key areas:
  • Architecture and Design—Focuses on new business needs and ties together the silos that exist within a corporate infrastructure.
  • Strategic Infrastructure Planning—Provides a roadmap to future goals that makes processes easier and reduces costs.
  • High Availability and Scalability Solutions—Ensures consistent high performance and reliability in the face of both planned and unplanned outages, all while being easy to deploy, manage, and scale.
  • Systems Migration—Optimizes a cross-company team of internal staff and Advizex Oracle experts to support all aspects of the migration, including databases, tools, and middle-tier.
  • Center of Excellence Services—Establishes processes that guide an IT organization around pitfalls, while mentoring in-house staff to ensure long-term productivity gains and self-reliance.
  • Health Check—Focuses on the issues your organization is facing today and shapes an action plan for identified databases or systems.